Powder Coating

powder coating

B&I powder coating services add value and durability to almost any substrate, from metals to plastics to alloys to fiberglass and more.

Our state-of-the-art stainless steel powder coating booth has a mechanically line feed. Coatings are fed through a gun in the form of free-flowing, dry powder-applied electrostatically to the part’s surface and then cured in our oven at 400 degrees. The curing process allows the powder to flow and form a protective coating to the metal surface of which it is applied to.

Powder coating can produce a thicker coating than conventional liquid paints without running. The coating process emits very few VOCs (volatile organic compounds) when compared to traditional liquid paints.

Contrary to popular belief, a powder coated surface does not last as long as industrial liquid paints in harsh conditions.

Please email sales@bitrim.com for more information. Low and high volume projects are welcome.