Measuring Parts for  HYDROGRAPHICS

To request a quotation for Hydropgraphics and Water Transfer Printing, we need to know the surface area (in square inches) of the parts that you want to finish.  To do this, measure the longest width and height point of each part.

For example, a simple flat part that measures 10" by 10" would have a surface area of 100 square inches (10 x 10 = 100). However, parts are not always that simple, and to help, we've included the illustrations below.

Note: To account for the extra material used to coat your parts during the water transfer printing process, please add an extra 10% to your total square inches. For example, if a part measures 100 square inches, the total film used to cover your parts is 110 square inches (100 x 1.10 = 110).

Tip:  Use a string to run over the part, then lay the string straight across your measuring tape to get the measurement.

Once you have your measurements, send a quote request to

LENGTH (Front View)

how to measure parts for dipping

LENGTH (Side View)

how to measure parts for dipping2


Odd Shapes

Round Shapes