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Wood Dash Kits, Wood Dash, Wood Dash Kit, Wood Dashes, Dash Kits, Dash Trim Kits, Wood Dash Trim, Wood Dash Trim Kits

Dash Kits

The B&I Dash Kit has been known for years as the industries 'Premium' brand, a distinction that we take very seriously and make every effort to maintain.

We've learned, through more than 25 years in competitive manufacturing, that all Wood Dash Kits are not the same. And, there are sacrifices to the delicate composition of a Dash Kit that simply cannot be made without compromising quality and risking failure in the field.

For example, we refuse to substitute our premium materials for low-cost alternatives or take risky shortcuts in Production, Quality Control and Engineering.

These behind-the-scene commitments help insure the highest quality and provide the ultimate protection against common product failure, such as; fading, cracking, delaminating, discoloring and peeling off.


Our flagship product line is packed with powerful features that help make B&I Dash Kits The Premium Choice!

Factory TruFIT Engineering
Our Dash Trim Kits are engineered for a true factory look, without sloppy edges, mis-aligned hole cut-outs or parts that peel off because they were not engineered correctly.

3M Primer-Less Adhesive
Our premium 3M 5849 acrylic foam adhesive features built-in promoter for fast and easy installation. Plus, parts are even re-positionable for perfect fitting. Other adhesives require you to apply potentially part-damaging promoter, with a pad or pen, prior to installation.

GemFLEX Clear Coat
Our premium urethane clear coat features a thin profile, incredible flexibility & ultimate UV protection that continues to prove its durability, year after year after year.

Factory TruLOOK Designs
Our designs are carefully thought out to insure our Wood Dash Kits actually enhance the factory interior, not destroy it with a clutter of poorly designed pieces. 'More' is not always better!

Extensive Finishing Options
Our huge selection of custom finishes range from real wood and real carbon fiber, to premium synthetic woodgrains, to camouflage patterns, to paint-code color matches and more.

Factory Label Printing:
Factory Symbols that are not illuminated, such as 'Volume' printed on a radio, are re-printed on select dash kit pieces to maintain a factory look.

Inter-Product Color & Finish Matching
Our colors, patterns & finishes are consistent across our entire interior trim product line. This prevents a mix-match of colors when combining 2 or more products, such as a Dash Trim Kit and Steering Wheel.

Factory TruMATCH
Our advanced proprietary color matching system allows us to consistently produce accurate Factory Matches on our Wood Dash Kits.

Cut-outs for illuminated factory symbols are poured to achieve a closer-to-factory look.

Matte Topcoat
All Dash Kits can be made with our classy Matte Finish top coat instead of the typical glossy finish.

Easy 'Lift & Stick' Installation
Our industry exclusive, single-liner packaging and installation system is the fastest and easiest available.

Lifetime Warranty
As always, our dash trim product line is backed with a Lifetime Warranty*.


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