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Molded Dash Kits, 3D Dash Kit, Molded Dash, Molded Dash Kit, 3D Dash Kits
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Molded Dash Kits, Molded Dash Kit, Molded Dash, 3D Dash Kit, 3D Dash Kits

Molded Dash Kits

A Molded Dash Kit by B&I is the premium choice for enhancing your interior with the warmth and luxury of a woodgrain, sport or factory match finish.

Thermoformed with high-grade ABS, our 3D dash kits are precision cut to fit overtop of and cover, all the contours of a factory part.

To insure maximum bond to your factory parts, we use premium 3M 5849 acrylic foam adhesive with built-in promoter. Unlike others, this OEM approved 'peel & stick' adhesive does not require the tedious application of promoter during installation. Promoter is a toxic liquid that can discolor and damage part areas not covered by a molded wood dash, if accidentally spilled on.

Molded Dash Kit3D Dash KitMolded Dash

In contrast with a laser-cut dash kit that takes almost no out-of-pocket cost to make, each 3D dash kit requires expensive molds, tooling and trim fixtures.

So, why spend the extra time and money to develop a molded dash kit? Because certain interior parts have complex curves that a regular dash kit cannot properly cover.

While a regular dash kit is ideal for most parts, when available, the premium full coverage of molded wood dash kits just look better.

Molded Dash Kit Regular Dash Kit

In addition to 3d molded dash kits, we also offer  popular combo kits that include 3d dash and flat dash pieces to give you the best of both worlds.

To create the ultimate luxury interior, consider adding our Wood Steering Wheel to compliment your molded wood dash.

Our Molded Dash Kits are backed with a lifetime warranty.

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