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water transfer printing, custom dipping, hydrographics, hydro printing

Custom Dipping

Also known as Water Transfer Printing and Hydrographics, the B&I Custom Dipping process applies a premium Wood or Sport Finish directly to almost any part that has a hard, non-porous surface. 

From an appearance perspective, no other interior trim products can compare to Hydrographics. Unlike Dash Kits and Molded Dash Kits, there are no edges to detect and no restrictions on part coverage.

Parts look just as they do coming straight from the factory, with 100% part coverage, with ultimate UV  protection and, with brilliant clear coat shine and depth.

For automotive interiors, Water Transfer Printing is ideal for; restoring early model vehicles, covering existing factory wood (with a more elegant finish) and finishing parts not offered on a Dash Kit.

With our highly efficient Custom Dipping Process, we accept orders for everything from small one-time projects to full high-volume production runs. Plus! With our low-cost manufacturing center, you'll enjoy extremely competitive pricing.

In addition to automotive interior parts, Custom Dipping is commonly used for exterior parts as well as  many applications outside of the automotive industry.


Here are some popular applications:


     - Overhead & Floor Consoles

     - Dash & Door Panels

     - Door & Grab Handles

     - Engine, Spare Tire & Mirror Covers

     - Fender Flares

     - Steering Wheels

     - Rims & Hubcaps

     - Manifolds

     Motorcycle, ATV & Marine

     - Motorcycle Helmets

     - Motorcycle Body Parts

     - ATV Body Parts

     - Boat Motor Covers

     - Jetski Body Parts

     - Boat Parts


     - Storage & Mail boxes

     - Bicycle Frames

     - Art Sculptures

     - Paintball & Snowboarding Helmets

     - Furniture (Table tops, lamps, chairs,  etc.)

     - Golf Cart Body Parts

     - Guitars and Guitar Cases

     - Gun Cases

     - Skateboards

     - Storage Cases

     - Video Game Console Cases


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